How to stop and start SQL Server service on Red Hat Linux

Sql Server 2017/VNext CTP versions released on Linux servers. Here we go thru how to stop and start a SQL Server service in RH linux server.

Checking Service status

To check status of sql Server service we can use systemctl command as below:

$ systemctl status mssql-server

This shows the current running status of SQL Server. Currently SQL Server is loaded and not running and hence it shows ‘inactive’ status as below:


Starting SQL Server on Linux

To start the service we need to use same systemctl with start keyword as below:

$ systemctl start mssql-server

This step asks user to provide password for authentication and then it starts the service:


We need to check the status as to see whether Service is started. For that we can use the same systemctl along with status keyword


Stopping SQL Server on Linux

Similarly to stop SQL Server service we need to use systemctl with stop keyword as below:

$ systemctl stop mssql-server

We can use status command to verify the service status.


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